Big Mac Blog Q&A with Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin

October 23, 2015

By Mac Engel

DALLAS The list of questions for Aaron Sorkin included everything from his new movie,"Steve Jobs" to his cult-hit TV show “Sports Night” to an all-time favorite, “A Few Good Men.”

Twenty minutes could not cover it all with Hollywood’s most bankable and marketable writer. This was perhaps the fastest interview of my life.

The writer behind the new movie “Steve Jobs” was available on Wednesday morning at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dallas, and I am only sorry it was not longer.

Mac Engel: When you sat down to put such a big life into a two-hour window, how did you decide to center the film around product launches?

Aaron Sorkin: The first thing to do was make the decision not to put this man’s life into a two-hour window. I thought there was no chance I could do it justice. Before I knew what I wanted to do, I knew what I didn’t want to do and that was to write a bio pic’; a cradle-to-grave story where you land on the characters’ greatest hits along the way. Sort of a dramatization of a Wikipedia page.

ME: Any comparisons or parallels between Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg?

AS: Yes, other than I have a vision and I don’t care that you can see it and I’ll get you to see it, something I can identify with. I’ll come up with an idea for a movie that is vivid and it works. But I’m not very good at pitching. I’m not very good at getting you to understand what is in my head.

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Sports leagues should rise against Indiana’s discriminatory law

March 30, 2015

By Mac Engel

​​In what is seemingly a mathematical impossibility, another state has wrestled away the “Mind Numbingly Dumbest Legislation Ever” trophy from the Great State a Texas.

Drop the mic, Indiana. You win. Well played. We bow to your “superiority” in this matter.

Some people may not like their sports to intersect with politics or culture, but in the case of Indiana’s recent open door to discrimination, now would be an ideal time for basketball, football, hockey, baseball and everything else to intercede.

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College Football Playoff committee’s treatment of TCU a disgrace

November 18, 2015

By Mac Engel

One of Gary Patterson’s favorite verbal crutches is “one point.” The way the College Football Playoff selection committee has treated his team, he needs to adjust the saying to “500 points.” One clearly isn’t enough, and the way things look, 500 may not be, either.

After he said that TCU wide receiver Josh Doctson is out for the year (again), and quarterback Trevone Boykin is a Saturday decision for the game at Oklahoma, scoring one point just became considerably more difficult.

No team has been punished more by the crooks who run the College Football Playoffselection process than TCU. The Horned Frogs are in the Big 12, but they are treated as if they were still in the Mountain West Conference.

“I think I could win the next two games and drop to 35th,” GP quipped late Wednesday afternoon.

He may not be wrong.

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One night with the “biggest and the baddest”: The LAPD
January 6, 2015

By Mac Engel

“My own mama’s ashamed of me.

She tells everybody I’m a drug dealer.”

- LAPD officer Carter from the movie Rush Hour

The night before New Year’s Eve I spent an afternoon and evening with members of the Los Angeles Police Department in its downtown headquarters. I did two ride alongs, part of which included a robbery call, and a tour of LA’s most depressed area – skid row in downtown. As officers across the country deal with the issue of using excessive force in light of the police-related deaths in Ohio, Missouri and New York, it was similar and inferior to the awful reputation that the LAPD once had.

This is the story of one department’s attempt at transformation.

LOS ANGELES String the letters L, A, P, and D together and multiple generations instantly goes to police intimidation. Meanness. Aggression. Brutality. LAPD is the grainy black and white video of four cops beating up Rodney King. LAPD means the LA/Rodney King riots. LAPD means Mark Fuhrman’s racist testimony during the O.J. Simpson trial. LAPD means Daryl Gates’ bullying tactics. When you thought about excessive force, you thought LAPD.

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Attending the Taylor Swift concert is fun & exposes the truth about female attire

October 18, 2015

By Mac Engel​

Arlington, Texas: A Taylor Swift concert is the rare opportunity for a male to look into the other team’s playbook; the chance to collect data as to why women put themselves through the hell of “dressing up.” It has nothing to do with men, or to catch the eye of potential suitors.

Never again believe the woman that whines about dressing up. This is by choice, and fear. I have seen the light.

The hair, the makeup, the expensive shoes, the painful outfits, the ‘do ... none of it is to impress other men. It is all to impress the most fierce jury God ever created - women judging other women.

On Saturday night at Jerry World, I was approximately one of 45 males to attend the biggest concert of 2015 - Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour, which is printing money so fast it cannot possibly count it all.

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Rather than concentrate on his school work in the eighth grade, Mac Engel preferred to write during class break downs of the NFL draft, previews of the upcoming Major League Baseball season, and an in-depth analysis of the NBA Finals.

Now as a professional, he has tried to do much of the same thing without the hassle of doing it during class. Here is a sample of some of his work.